FEW’s membership reflects accomplished and impactful women from many areas of professional life who have experienced similar challenges, opportunities and achievements.

Members of FEW play important roles in shaping the destiny of Central Florida. They actively serve on boards, committees, and commissions of many charitable and cultural organizations, universities, governmental entities, and local chambers of commerce in addition to their professional work.

Our membership is by invitation only to people who meet the criteria. If you are interested in becoming a member, please review our application process below.


Before you start your application please check the FEW Membership Criteria.

Step 1


FEW Luncheons are held the first Tuesday of every month. Luncheons are by invitation only, primarily for guests who would qualify for membership. A potential member needs to attend at least two meetings within the last 12 months, with a maximum of three. If you want to attend more luncheons, become a member!

Step 2

Be Sponsored

To apply for membership, clarify that you meet the membership criteria and become sponsored by two current FEW members. Know that the sponsors have active roles for a potential member. Your sponsors will help guide you through the application process.

Step 3


Once you have your membership sponsors and you have attended at least two lunch meetings, submit the membership application to your sponsors. In the meantime, you may attend an additional luncheon while your application is pending.

Start Application